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Dr.Web Anti-virus for macOS

  • The first Russian anti-virus for macOS.
  • Reliable real-time protection.
  • Stylish and user-friendly interface.


  • Reliable real-time protection.
  • High Speed anti-virus scanning.
  • Minimum consumption of system resources and low updating traffic.
  • With asynchronous scanning you can perform any operations on files of any type instantly—low consumption of system resources enables Dr.Web for macOS to run without interfering with user experience.
  • Dr.Web for macOS will never freeze your Mac during scanning—even if an error occurs.
  • In most cases, with default settings Dr.Web does not require the user to respond to the anti-virus in any way and will not distract you from your tasks.
  • macOS Aqua interface makes using Dr.Web intuitive and simple.


  • Scan of autorun objects, removable data-storage devices, network and logical drives, emails, files and directories including archives.
  • Three types of scanning: express, full and custom.
  • Automatic, manual and scheduled scans.
  • Detailed operation log.
  • Settings of SpIDer Guard® are protected by password against unauthorized modification.
  • Different actions can be performed with different types of objects; cure, move to the quarantine, delete; action sequences allow you to define which action will be applied to an object if the first action can't be performed.
  • User-defined file and path exclusions.
  • Full HTTP traffic scanning and Internet access control.
  • Detection and removal of viruses disguised with unknown packers.
  • The anti-virus log contains the time of each event, the name of the object scanned, and the type of action applied to the object.
  • Automatic (scheduled) and on-demand updating.
  • Virus notifications (that include event sounds) on viral events.
  • The quarantine isolates infected files; quarantine storage time and maximum size can be specified.
  • Curing, restoration and removal of quarantined objects.
  • Modules are available as command line utilities that can be used with Apple Scripts.

Protection components

Operating system macOS

Blocks viruses and malware from accessing the protected system and will cure the malignant programs that have already penetrated it.

HTTP monitor

Scans web pages in real time and blocks access to dangerous sites, such as those used for phishing attacks.


System requirements

  • macOS 10.7 and later.
  • RAM — as required by the OS.
  • Internet access: to register and receive updates.



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Dr.Web Anti-virus

1 PC/Mac + 1 mobile device for 1 year

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Dr.Web Security Space

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