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Dr.Web Security Space (for macOS)

  • The first Russian anti-virus for macOS.
  • Reliable real-time protection.
  • Stylish and user-friendly interface.


  • Reliable real-time protection.
  • High Speed anti-virus scanning.
  • Minimum consumption of system resources and low updating traffic.
  • With asynchronous scanning you can perform any operations on files of any type instantly—low consumption of system resources enables Dr.Web for macOS to run without interfering with user experience.
  • Dr.Web for macOS will never freeze your Mac during scanning—even if an error occurs.
  • In most cases, with default settings Dr.Web does not require the user to respond to the anti-virus in any way and will not distract you from your tasks.
  • macOS Aqua interface makes using Dr.Web intuitive and simple.


  • Scan of autorun objects, removable data-storage devices, network and logical drives, emails, files and directories including archives.
  • Three types of scanning: express, full and custom.
  • Automatic, manual and scheduled scans.
  • Detailed operation log.
  • Settings of SpIDer Guard® are protected by password against unauthorized modification.
  • Different actions can be performed with different types of objects; cure, move to the quarantine, delete; action sequences allow you to define which action will be applied to an object if the first action can't be performed.
  • User-defined file and path exclusions.
  • Full HTTP traffic scanning and Internet access control.
  • Detection and removal of viruses disguised with unknown packers.
  • The anti-virus log contains the time of each event, the name of the object scanned, and the type of action applied to the object.
  • Automatic (scheduled) and on-demand updating.
  • Virus notifications (that include event sounds) on viral events.
  • The quarantine isolates infected files; quarantine storage time and maximum size can be specified.
  • Curing, restoration and removal of quarantined objects.
  • Modules are available as command line utilities that can be used with Apple Scripts.

Protection components

Anti-virus 阻止木马进入受保护的系统,并清除已入侵的恶意软件。
Web反病毒 实时检查网页,阻止网络钓鱼 资源,禁止访问不推荐网站和风险网站。
防火墙 抵御从外部未经授权访问设备。
保护隐私 监控网络摄像头和麦克风,防止被监听监视
Облако Dr.Web 利用Dr.Web Cloud云服务进行实时保护

System requirements

  • macOS 10.7-10.15.
  • RAM — as required by the OS.
  • Internet access: to register and receive updates.



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Dr.Web Security Space

11 PC/Mac + 1 mobile device for 1 year


Dr.Web © Doctor Web
2003 — 2021

Doctor Web公司是俄罗斯信息安全反病毒保护产品厂商,产品商标为Dr.Web。Dr.Web产品研发始自1992年。