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Dr.Web Anti-virus for Mac OS Server

Basic protection from viruses and other malware targeting server versions of macOS

  • Easy-to-use control center
  • High scanning speed
  • Custom scanning profiles
  • Reliable real-time protection
  • Minimal consumption of system resources
  • Low updating traffic
  • Flexible configuration
  • Stylish and user-friendly interface

System requirements

  • Mac ОS X 10.7 及更高版本
  • 内存:与操作系统要求一致
  • 注册和获取更新需连接至互联网

Key features

  • Scan of autorun objects, removable data storage devices, network and logical drives, e-mails, files, and directories including archives
  • Three types of scanning: express, full, and custom
  • Automatic, manual, and scheduled scan
  • Settings of SpIDer Guard® are password protected against unauthorized modification
  • Different actions can be performed with different types of objects: cure, move to the quarantine, delete; action sequences allow you to define which action will be applied to an object if the first action can't be performed
  • User-defined file and path exclusions
  • Detection and neutralization of viruses disguised with unknown packers
  • The anti-virus log contains the time of each event, the name of the scanned object, and the type of action applied to the object
  • Automatic (scheduled) and on-demand updating
  • Virus notifications, including event sounds, for all viral events
  • Quarantine to isolate infected files; quarantine storage time and maximum size can be specified
  • Curing, restoring, and removal of quarantined objects
  • Detailed operation log
  • Modules are available as command line utilities that can be used with Apple Scripts