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Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite

Centrally managed end-point security for all hosts in your corporate network

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New version!

Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 10.0

Centralized protection

The company's network, including its mobile devices

Home computers and peenrsonal mobile devices of its employees Personal devices pose a threat to corporate security?

Criminals target personnal employees' devices they use for work as well as office PCs.

Wherever a company's confidential information is stored, Dr.Web will never leave it unprotected.

A single protected environment powered by Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite has many advantages:

  • Less expensive and streamlined protection.
  • It's possible to control all protected computers from one location.
  • Employees can work all over the world with the same level of protection.
  • Guarantee of data safety (including personal data) at any given time.
  • Reduction of downtimes caused by infection.

Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite unique features

  • Centralized protection for all network hosts: PCs, mail and file servers and application servers including terminal servers, Internet gateways and mobile devices;
  • comprehensive protection of workstations from most known threats powered by the built-in anti-virus, anti-spam, firewall and office control;
  • support of Windows and Unix server platform, simple installation procedure and reliable protection providing minimal deployment cost compared with competitive solutions; With Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite your company won't have to purchase expensive hardware;
  • Installation of the agent software onto an infected machine and a high probability of its successful curing.
  • a small-sized engine featuring the latest technologies guarantees minimal usage of workstation and server resources;
  • Highly efficient detection of threats including unknown viruses;
  • administration of the entire network protection infrastructure from one computer (by means of the Web-administrator) from any location even outside the corporate network;
  • implementation of individual security policies for a company or groups of employees;
  • several administrators can manage different groups separately making Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite a good choice for companies with high security requirements as well as for multi-branch organization;
  • configurable security policies for any type of users including mobile users and for any workstation (even if it is currently unavailable) ensure up-to-date protection at any time;
  • protection for all networks, including those that are isolated from the Internet;
  • support of a wide range of DBMSs; Oracle, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server or any other DBMS that supports SQL-92 over ODBC can be used as an external database;
  • "Custom event handlers written in any script language providing direct access to internal interfaces of the Control Center"
  • easy-to-understand protection control system and unsurpassed usability and efficiency of network stations search;
  • customizable list of components of products to be updated and version upgrade control enable an administrator to distribute only updates that are necessary and have been tested in the network.

All reasons to choose Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite

Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite — manage end-point security from a single Control Center

The Dr.Web Control Center is provided free of charge.

Maintain control over your anti-virus security system from any common browser on any computer running any operating system.

Mobile Control Center for iPhone and iPad (iOS)/Android

All advantages of Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite Control Center

They trust us

Doctor Web’s customers include large, internationally known companies; Russian and international banks; governmental organisations with tens of thousands of computers in their networks. Highest government institutions and oil and gas companies of Russia entrust their information security to Doctor Web, Ltd.

Doctor Web has received state certificates and awards; our satisfied customers spanning the globe are are clear evidence that the quality of our products, created by a talented team of Russian programmers, is undisputed.

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Comprehensive protection from existing threats

Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite provides reliable protection from most existing threats. Its unsurpassed curing and self-protection capabilities leave viruses and other malware no chance of penetrating the protected environment. The built-in firewall and Office Control (only offered under the Comprehensive Protection license) will help prevent viruses from exploiting operating system and application vulnerabilities and allow you to control the operation of the installed programs.

Only proprietary anti-virus technologies

All rights to Dr.Web technologies are reserved by Doctor Web, a Russian taxpayer. Doctor Web is one of the few anti-virus vendors in the world to have its own technologies to detect and cure malware, an anti-virus laboratory, a global virus monitoring service and technical support.

Dr.Web anti-virus software allows companies to effectively withstand any threats, even those not yet known.